A Kingdom Divided

Almost 15 years ago, the High King’s reign came to an end due to betrayal. The High King’s death signaled the end of the Golden Age as the void of his power caused the kingdoms of the realm to start quarreling among themselves. Several factions rose up, some supporting a new candidate for a replacement; others being content with the new order of things.

With the kingdoms attentions turned inward to their own struggles, other nations and factions, external to the realm, try to take the opportunity to use the realm for their own gains. Some of these seek only to take advantage of the realms monetarily, but others have turned to pirating and raiding at the edges of the realm where laws have become lax or non-existent without the High King’s Protectors enforcing the law and keeping the borders safe.

To make matters worse, at the edge of the realm’s east side, strange events keep happening as if reality was failing in certain areas. These events usually effect a small area, but have been known to be as large as small villages. The actual events are random, but sometimes they repeat. They range in such events as all the cows in a field exploding to rains of fire or earth. There have been reports of whole buildings vanishing over night, leaving a concave whole as if a bubble had surrounded the building and everything in the bubble had vanished.

The sages and bards tell stories about the ancient evil that the High King had vanquished long ago must be returning, but few believe in some ancient stories that parents use to frighten their children. The monster races have been more active, but that doesn’t mean the world is going to end, right?

From the Ashes

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